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女子高生13 by しまぷ (edit by afterstories)


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How dare a female designer working under Sakurai, not even Sakurai himself, include an alternate costume for Zero Suit Samus that’s based off of an actual outfit that Samus wore in a Metroid game! I am absolutely disgusted by this!

This amount of sarcasm is physically painful.


It has been announced that a special stream is to be held on August 26th at 10pm JST (2pm BST, 9am EDT) called Famitsu featuring Pokémon Special. It is not known what this project is, whether it’s a game, a new manga etc. This stream will be hosted by Ayana Tsubaki & Bunbun-maru and features special guests Tsunekazu Ishihara, president of The Pokémon Company, as well as Nobuhiko Okamoto & Aoi Yuuki. 

Source: Serebii 

9 Favorite Ging Freecss Moments

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Nice to know that Hisoka cares more about Gon that his own dad does


Smash Battle
By Austin James Art
Only available for 24 hours at The Yetee